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Accent Modification Therapy

What is Accent Modification?

Accents are typical aspects of spoken language; they do not qualify as speech or language disorders. Regional accents, or dialects, occur when people of a particular region of the world produce varying pronunciations of sounds. For example, people from Boston often pronounce phonemes (sounds) different than people who are from Philadelphia. Foreign accents occur when individuals who were raised speaking a particular language learn another language, perhaps later in life. A result may be that they pronounce phonemes, intonation or phrasing differently. For example, someone raised speaking English but learns Spanish in school, forms Spanish sounds differently than a person who is fluent in Spanish.

Enrichment Programs

Motivation to Change

Some people may have a desire to decrease or alter their accent. This often occurs when a person experiences problems communicating because of their accent. The way they speak may affect their job, education, and extracurricular activities, or sometimes their self-esteem. Speech-language-pathologists (SLP's) are qualified to work with people who have the desire to change their accents and improve their pronunciation. The SLP will evaluate your sound pronunciation and various other aspects of your speech. You will be asked to read aloud, speak aloud, and converse. The SLP will then determine the best method for improving your speech communication.


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