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We love what we do!   We are constantly striving to improve each patient's quality of life and welcome the opportunity to serve you or one of your family members.

I just wanted to let you know I'm really happy we found you as Kiran's new SLP. Thank you for all the time you spent with him today, as well as the time you spent talking with me. Thank you too for the copy of his goals; I was impressed you already had these written out.  Kiran often takes a while to warm up to new people, but he likes you and responds well to you. I loved your enthusiasm today and ability to hold his attention.

- Deva O.

Pam Manser and Megan recently had my husband, Charlie, for 9 weeks of speech therapy.  They both were so kind, supportive and patient with Charlie and me during this time.  I already knew Pam before this and she is the person I wanted be referred to.  They both did a great job and Charlie is now eating regular food and swallowing like he should. They both have such sweet, warm personalities and it was pleasure to work with them.

- Kay J.

My son James has been receiving speech therapy at Lake Norman Rehab for almost two years. James was adopted from China and was born with cleft lip and palate. His condition and the medical procedures required to repair his condition interrupted the normal development of his speech. When he came to our home at 21 months of age, he was not speaking at all. Our initial attempts to get James to try to speak were fruitless. When James began at Lake Norman, he was initially taught to communicate using some simple signs. He quickly added sounds to the signs and soon after began to form words. James now speaks complete thoughts, putting three to four words together. We, along with his doctors and teachers, have been amazed at his progress. The therapists at Lake Norman are well trained, knowledgeable, and very effective with children. They recognize struggles and disabilities that children have, but never allow those disabilities to become a reason not to move forward. They have pushed James to progress but always in a loving, fun way. Our family is very thankful for Lake Norman Rehab and the impact that the therapists have had on our son.

- Lisa M.

In 1998 I suffered a stroke which left me without ability to speak. Mrs. Pam Manser took my case. She is so positive and fun of personality that I made good progress. She seemed interested in me and what I did as a preacher. Listening to messages I had preached, Pam was able to help me recover my speech and in four months I was back to work. I think I helped Pam to see more of Jesus as well. Pam Manser is a remarkably able and well-trained speech therapist. Should you need her help, I would recommend her care.

- Jamie H.

I have used Lake Norman Communication Services to help support the needs of 2 of my children. My first child started at 3 years old and exited at 5 years old to continue his speech program at the elementary level. I currently have a 4 year old receiving services that started at 21 months. Mrs. Lindsay Sloop started intervening with my son at an early level and reached him with communication through simple sign to develop a basic functional level for him at a very early age. From there she began pairing simple sounds with the sign to develop more language. Over the 2 years working with Mrs. Lindsay, Bryce is speaking complete sentences and now only needs reminders to slow down, repeat the phrase or simple articulation correction. Lindsay is a ray of sunlight even for the most timid children coming for speech therapy. She uses a variety of techniques to motivate and engage the children throughout her sessions. Her warm and caring smile is a friendly greeting for the children each day. Without her passion and love for reaching all children through varied communication techniques, Bryce would not have made such substantial gains in a short time period. Our family feels truly blessed with the compassion and expertise that Lake Norman Rehab’s Speech Therapy Program has provided for both of our children. They are both becoming very articulate and well-rounded individuals and we could not be happier with their progress!

- Jennifer Z.